OrocosComponentLibrary  2.8.3
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NOCLThe Orocos Component Library
 CCategoryA real-time capable category
 CCategoryStreamThis is a utility class which you can use to stream messages into a category object
 CGenerationalFileAppenderAppender supporting generations of log files
 CLog4cxxAppenderInteroperability component which translates our log4cpp events to log4cxx events and sends them to a network/socket appender
 CLoggingEventA mirror of log4cpp::LoggingEvent, except using real-time capable strings
 CLoggingServiceThis component is responsible for reading the logging configuration setting up the logging categories and connecting to the appenders
 CAliasCommandAnother name for a command
 CCommandCommand pattern
 CDatasenderThis class manages the connection with one single client
 CRealCommandReal command which can be executed
 CTcpReportingInterpreterReads a line from the client and interprete it
 CCheckSizeDataSourceHelper data source to check if two sizes are still equal and check an upstream comparison as well
 CConsoleReportingA component which writes data reports to a console
 CDeploymentComponentA Component for deploying (configuring) other components in an application
 CComponentDataEach configured component is stored in a struct like this
 CConnectionDataAssembles all ports which share a connection
 CFileReportingA component which writes data reports to a file
 CHelloWorldEvery component inherits from the 'RTT::TaskContext' class
 CHMIConsoleOutputThis component can be used to display messages on the standard output
 CListenThreadListenThread is a thread which waits for new incoming connections from clients
 CNetcdfReportingA component which writes data reports to a netCDF file
 COSServiceA service that provides access to some useful Operating System functions
 CPrintServiceA service that provides basic printing to std::cout, std::cerr and the RTT::Logger
 CReportingComponentA Component for periodically reporting Component Port contents to a human readable text format
 CTaskBrowserThis component allows a text client to browse the peers of a peer RTT::TaskContext and execute commands
 CTcpReportingA component which writes data reports to a tcp/ip socket
 CTimerComponentA Component interface to the Real-Time types::Toolkit's timer
 CTimeoutCatcherHelper class for catching the virtual timeout function of Timer
 CDemarshallConfigurationContains the required classes for a full demarshalling operation
 CEmptyHeaderMarshallerA Dummy Empty Header MarshallInterface
 CEmptyMarshallerA Dummy Empty MarshallInterface
 CMarshallConfigurationContains the required classes for a full marshalling operation
 CMarshallerAdaptorConverts one marshaller type to another marshaller
 CNetcdfHeaderMarshallerA marsh::MarshallInterface for generating variables in a netcdf dataset
 CNetcdfMarshallerA marsh::MarshallInterface for writing data logs into the variables of a netcdf file
 CNiceHeaderMarshallerA marsh::MarshallInterface for generating headers usable for interpretation by plot programs
 CSocketMarshallerMarsh::MarshallInterface which sends data to multiple sockets
 CTableHeaderMarshallerA marsh::MarshallInterface for generating headers of tables
 CTableMarshallerA marsh::MarshallInterface for generating a stream of numbers, ordered in columns