Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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DataFlow.idl File Reference

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struct  RTT::corba::CConnPolicy
interface  RTT::corba::CChannelElement
 Represents the basic channel element interface for reading, writing and disconnecting a channel. More...
interface  RTT::corba::CRemoteChannelElement
 The advanced channel element interface, used by Orocos to relay over-CORBA data flow connections. More...
exception  RTT::corba::CNoSuchPortException
 Emitted when information is requested on a port that does not exist. More...
exception  RTT::corba::CNoCorbaTransport
 Emitted during connections, when there is no CORBA transport defined for the data type of the given ports. More...
exception  RTT::corba::CInvalidArgument
 Emitted during connections, when it is not possible to build new connections with the given arguments. More...
struct  RTT::corba::CPortDescription
interface  RTT::corba::CDataFlowInterface
 An interface to access the dataflow of a CControlTask object. More...


 Contains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute.
 CORBA (OmniORB/TAO) code for network data transport.


enum  RTT::corba::CFlowStatus { RTT::corba::CNoData, RTT::corba::COldData, RTT::corba::CNewData }
enum  RTT::corba::CWriteStatus { RTT::corba::CWriteSuccess, RTT::corba::CWriteFailure, RTT::corba::CNotConnected }
enum  RTT::corba::CConnectionModel { RTT::corba::CData, RTT::corba::CBuffer, RTT::corba::CCircularBuffer }
enum  RTT::corba::CLockPolicy { RTT::corba::CUnsync, RTT::corba::CLocked, RTT::corba::CLockFree }
enum  RTT::corba::CBufferPolicy {
  RTT::corba::CBufferPolicyUnspecified, RTT::corba::CPerConnection, RTT::corba::CPerInputPort, RTT::corba::CPerOutputPort,
enum  RTT::corba::CPortType { RTT::corba::CInput, RTT::corba::COutput }