Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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 Activity (thread) classes.Activities execute functions in a thread
 Device InterfacesAbstraction APIs for hardware devices ('cards') such as IO, counters, but also logical devices like Encoders and generic Sensors
 Component ModelThe RTT Component model is built around the TaskContext class
 Task Context InterfaceThe TaskContext can provides and requires services and has an ExecutionEngine that executes its functions
 Property InterfaceProperties can be hierarchically stored and be introspected for their type and contents
 Recursive Property Bag Operations.
   These functions operate recursively on the contents of bags,
   possibly modifying, deleting or creating new Property objects
   in the bag or in one of its sub-bags.
 Operation InterfaceInvoking synchronous and asynchronous methods
 Data Flow PortsPorts send or receive data from other components
 Data Storage and Buffering classes.Thread-safe implementations of data container objects such as Buffers and DataObjects
 Execution EngineThe Execution Engine is the heart of an Orocos component
 Service InterfaceA Service consists of a configuration, operation and data flow interface which can be used, or connected to, other components
 Time measurement classes.Time measurement and time keeping
 Component IDL and Corba SetupIDL interface of Orocos Components and setup classes