Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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ecosthreads.cpp File Reference
#include "os_ecos.h"
#include <rtt/os/threads.hpp>

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 Contains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute.
 OS Abstractions such as Mutexes, Semaphores and Threads.


const int RTT::os::LowestPriority = ORONUM_OS_RTOS_LOWEST_PRIORITY
 An integer denoting the lowest priority of the selected OS. More...
const int RTT::os::HighestPriority = ORONUM_OS_RTOS_HIGHEST_PRIORITY
 An integer denoting the highest priority of the selected OS. More...
const int RTT::os::IncreasePriority = -1
 An interval to be added 'n' times to LowestPriority to get an 'n' times higher priority. More...