Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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Time.hpp File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include "rint.h"

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 Contains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute.


typedef double RTT::Seconds
 Seconds are stored as a double precision float. More...
typedef long RTT::secs
 seconds as a signed long. More...
typedef long RTT::msecs
 milliseconds as a signed long. More...
typedef long RTT::usecs
 microseconds as a signed long. More...
typedef long long RTT::nsecs
 nanoseconds as a signed long long. More...
typedef long long RTT::psecs
 picoseconds as a signed long long More...


msecs RTT::secs_to_msecs (const secs s)
usecs RTT::secs_to_usecs (const secs s)
nsecs RTT::secs_to_nsecs (const secs s)
psecs RTT::secs_to_psecs (const secs s)
usecs RTT::msecs_to_usecs (const msecs ms)
nsecs RTT::msecs_to_nsecs (const msecs ms)
psecs RTT::msecs_to_psecs (const msecs ms)
nsecs RTT::usecs_to_nsecs (const usecs us)
psecs RTT::usecs_to_psecs (const usecs us)
psecs RTT::nsecs_to_psecs (const nsecs ns)
msecs RTT::Seconds_to_msecs (const Seconds s)
Seconds RTT::msecs_to_Seconds (const msecs ns)
usecs RTT::Seconds_to_usecs (const Seconds s)
Seconds RTT::usecs_to_Seconds (const usecs ns)
nsecs RTT::Seconds_to_nsecs (const Seconds s)
Seconds RTT::nsecs_to_Seconds (const nsecs ns)
psecs RTT::Seconds_to_psecs (const Seconds s)
Seconds RTT::psecs_to_Seconds (const psecs ps)


const long RTT::MSECS_IN_SECS = 1000
const long RTT::USECS_IN_SECS = 1000 * MSECS_IN_SECS
const long RTT::NSECS_IN_SECS = 1000 * USECS_IN_SECS
const long long RTT::PSECS_IN_SECS = 1000LL * NSECS_IN_SECS
const long RTT::USECS_IN_MSECS = 1000
const long RTT::NSECS_IN_MSECS = 1000 * USECS_IN_MSECS
const long RTT::PSECS_IN_MSECS = 1000 * NSECS_IN_MSECS
const long RTT::NSECS_IN_USECS = 1000
const long RTT::PSECS_IN_USECS = 1000 * NSECS_IN_USECS
const long RTT::PSECS_IN_NSECS = 1000