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ConsoleReporting Class Reference

A component which writes data reports to a console. More...

#include <ConsoleReporting.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef RTT::DataFlowInterface::Ports Ports

Public Member Functions

 ConsoleReporting (std::string fr_name="ReportingComponent", std::ostream &console=std::cerr)
 Create a reporting component which writes to a C++ stream.
bool startHook ()
void stopHook ()
bool screenComponent (const std::string &comp)
 Writes the interface status of comp to the console.
bool addMarshaller (RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface *headerM, RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface *bodyM)
 Adds a Plugin to receive incomming data. More...
bool removeMarshallers ()
 Remove and delete all added Marshallers.
Script Methods
virtual bool configureHook ()
 Implementation of base::TaskCore::configureHook(). More...
virtual void cleanupHook ()
 Implementation of base::TaskCore::cleanupHook(). More...
bool reportComponent (const std::string &component)
 Report all the data ports of a component.
bool unreportComponent (const std::string &component)
 Unreport the data ports of a component.
bool reportPort (const std::string &component, const std::string &port)
 Report a specific data port of a component.
bool unreportPort (const std::string &component, const std::string &port)
 Unreport a specific data port of a component.
bool reportData (const std::string &component, const std::string &dataname)
 Report a specific data source of a component.
bool unreportData (const std::string &component, const std::string &datasource)
 Unreport a specific data source of a component.
bool copydata ()
 This real-time function makes copies of the data to be reported. More...
void snapshot ()
 Copy the reported data and trigger the generation of a sampling line.
void cleanReport ()
 Implementation of base::TaskCore::configureHook(). More...

Protected Types

enum  T_Types {
  T_QualName = 0, T_PortDS, T_DataType, T_Property,
  T_Port, T_NewData, T_Tracked
 Use these to index DTupple objects.
typedef boost::tuple< std::string, RTT::base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr, std::string, RTT::base::PropertyBase *, RTT::base::InputPortInterface *, bool, bool > DTupple
 tuple that describes each sample. More...
typedef std::vector< DTuppleReports
 Stores the 'datasource' of all reported items as properties.
typedef std::vector< std::pair< boost::shared_ptr< RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface >, boost::shared_ptr< RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface > > > Marshallers

Protected Member Functions

bool screenImpl (const std::string &comp, std::ostream &output)
 This method writes out the status of a component's interface.
bool reportDataSource (std::string tag, std::string type, RTT::base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr origm, RTT::base::InputPortInterface *ipi, bool)
bool unreportDataSource (std::string tag)
void makeReport2 ()
virtual void updateHook ()
 This not real-time function processes the copied data.

Protected Attributes

std::ostream & mconsole
 Console to write reports to.
Reports root
Marshallers marshallers
RTT::PropertyBag report
bool snapshotted
 Used to communicate between snapshot() and updateHook() if updateHook needs to make a copy.
RTT::Property< std::string > config
RTT::Property< bool > writeHeader
RTT::Property< bool > decompose
RTT::Property< bool > insnapshot
RTT::Property< bool > synchronize_with_logging
RTT::Property< PropertyBag > report_data
RTT::ConnPolicy report_policy
bool onlyNewData
RTT::os::TimeService::ticks starttime
RTT::Property< RTT::os::TimeService::Seconds > timestamp
RTT::internal::DataSource< bool >::shared_ptr mchecker
 If false, a sequence size has changed.

Detailed Description

A component which writes data reports to a console.

Definition at line 14 of file ConsoleReporting.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::tuple<std::string, RTT::base::DataSourceBase::shared_ptr, std::string,RTT::base::PropertyBase*,RTT::base::InputPortInterface*,bool,bool> DTupple

tuple that describes each sample.

Uses get<N>() to read it: @0 The qualified name of the data (componentname.portname) @1 The data source of the data. Always returns the last value. @2 A copy command to copy from this data source to another one @3 The target data source for the copy operation @4 The type of the data, "Data" (props and attrs) or "Port". @5 'newdata': The new data flag. Flags if the DataSource contains new data. @6 'tracked': True if this source may lead to additional data. If false, the source in itself will not cause to a re-scan. Used in copydata() to allow ports to be rescanned, while props and attrs never cause this (they always have newdata, but this is ignored).

Definition at line 204 of file ReportingComponent.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool addMarshaller ( RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface *  headerM,
RTT::marsh::MarshallInterface *  bodyM 

Adds a Plugin to receive incomming data.

The marshallers become owned by this component.

headerA marshaller which writes out a header when this component is started. May be null (0).
bodyA marshaller wich will get periodically a serialisation request to process incomming data. May be null(0).

example: addMarshaller( new HeaderMarshaller(), new ContentsMarshaller() );

Definition at line 216 of file ReportingComponent.cpp.

Referenced by TcpReporting::configureHook(), and ConsoleReporting::ConsoleReporting().

void cleanReport ( )

Implementation of base::TaskCore::configureHook().

Calls load().

Definition at line 643 of file ReportingComponent.cpp.

Referenced by ReportingComponent::updateHook().

void cleanupHook ( )

Implementation of base::TaskCore::cleanupHook().

Calls store() and clears the reporting configuration.

Definition at line 237 of file ReportingComponent.cpp.

bool configureHook ( )
bool copydata ( )

This real-time function makes copies of the data to be reported.

true if new data is available.

Definition at line 597 of file ReportingComponent.cpp.

References ReportingComponent::mchecker, and OCL::memberDecomposition().

Referenced by ReportingComponent::unreportData(), and ReportingComponent::updateHook().

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