Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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1 #ifndef ORO_RTT_types_FWD_HPP
2 #define ORO_RTT_types_FWD_HPP
4 namespace RTT {
5  namespace types {
6  class BinaryOp;
7  class EmptyTypeInfo;
8  class GlobalsRepository;
9  class OperatorRepository;
10  class TransportPlugin;
11  class TypeInfo;
12  class TypeInfoGenerator;
13  class TypeInfoRepository;
14  class TypeMarshaller;
15  class TypeTransporter;
16  class TypekitPlugin;
17  class TypekitRepository;
18  class UnaryOp;
19  struct TypeConstructor;
20  template <typename T, bool has_ostream>
22  template<class S>
24  template<class T>
25  struct EnumTypeInfo;
26  template<typename T, bool has_ostream>
27  class BoostArrayTypeInfo;
28  template<typename T, bool has_ostream>
29  class CArrayTypeInfo;
30  template<typename T, bool has_ostream>
32  template<typename T, bool has_ostream>
34  template<typename T, bool use_ostream>
36  template<typename T>
38  template<typename T>
39  struct TypeInfoName;
40  template<typename function>
41  class BinaryOperator;
42  template<typename function>
43  class UnaryOperator;
44  }
45  namespace detail {
46  using namespace types;
47  }
48 }
49 #endif
The constructor classes allow to define type constructors or type conversions (convert type B from ty...
Template class for std::vector<T> typekits, providing a alternative demarshalling function for proper...
This template class allows user types to be used in all Orocos primitives.
Template for data types that are of type boost::array<U,int>.
Type information for Enum types for which they are convertible to int.
Template for data types that are C-style arrays.
An operator which reads a single internal::DataSource and returns a modified result.
Type Information for data types that are structs, ie all user data types fall in this category...
An operator which reads a two DataSources and returns a modified result.
This helper class allows only type names to be added to Orocos.
Contains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute.
Definition: Activity.cpp:52
Old-style SequenceTypeInfo which offers type info for sequences which can be sent over flow ports...