Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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RTT::os::basic_streams Class Reference

This is a stream class for use in limited environments. More...

#include <rtt/os/rtstreams.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for RTT::os::basic_streams:
RTT::os::basic_istreams RTT::os::basic_ostreams RTT::os::basic_iostreams RTT::os::basic_iostreams RTT::os::printstream RTT::os::stringstreams RTT::os::stringstreams

Public Member Functions

virtual ~basic_streams ()

Detailed Description

This is a stream class for use in limited environments.

It is supposed to mimic the std::iostream classes to some extent. Formatting and locale support are not provided for example.

The default stream class does not store anything and can thus be used as 'grabage bin'.

TODO there is no streambuf and string is used, maybe a streamsbuf might be better, for encapsulating buffering policies (like BS meant it of course). Another todo is to have at least the save get and put/write functions as in istream and ostream. Thanks to the GCC 3.X cleanup, we might be able to mimic quite a lot.

Definition at line 76 of file rtstreams.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RTT::os::basic_streams::~basic_streams ( )

Definition at line 47 of file rtstreams.cpp.

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