Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
Todo List
Member RTT::base::TaskCore::getPeriod () const
: add a bool setPeriod(double) function to allow changing the period at run-time.
Member RTT::dev::NameServer< _ValueType >::unregisterObject (const ValueType obj)
might be improved by using equal_range
Member RTT::internal::ConnFactory::buildDataStorage (ConnPolicy const &policy, const T &initial_value=T())

: shouldn't this belong in the template type info ? This allows the type lib to choose which locked/lockfree algorithms are implemented and leaves out 4x code generation for each alternative in each compilation unit.

: since setDataSample, initial_value is no longer needed.

Class RTT::internal::InvokerSignature< int, Signature, ToInvoke >
separate ret() out in ResultSignature class
Class RTT::mqueue::MQChannelElement< T >

This class can be refactored into a base class with generic mqueue code and a subclass with type specific info.

This is an inspiration for a generic, transport independent channel element.

Class RTT::os::basic_streams
TODO there is no streambuf and string is used, maybe a streamsbuf might be better, for encapsulating buffering policies (like BS meant it of course). Another todo is to have at least the save get and put/write functions as in istream and ostream. Thanks to the GCC 3.X cleanup, we might be able to mimic quite a lot.
Class RTT::scripting::CommonParser
check the identifier parser implementation of asserting when a keyword is wrongly used as an identifier. In current implementation it almost never throws.
Class RTT::scripting::ConditionInterface
This class is a light-weight implementation of a internal::DataSource<bool>. It may be profitable to remove this low level class and replace its use by internal::DataSource<bool>. That would also cause the removal of most Condition* classes.
Class RTT::scripting::DataCallParser
check why lexeme_d[] is used in implementation, thus why datacalls are parsed on the character level instead of on the phrase level. (probably for the dots ?)
Member RTT::scripting::ParsedStateMachine::copy (std::map< const base::DataSourceBase *, base::DataSourceBase * > &replacements, bool instantiate=false) const
  1. add copy/clone semantics to StateInterface and StateMachine.
Class RTT::scripting::StateMachine
Implement the whole transition mechanism with the Strategy software pattern to allow cleaner implementation.
Class RTT::scripting::ValueChangeParser
The ValueChangeParser.cxx implementation needs refactoring.