Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.9.0
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RTT::scripting::DataCallParser Class Reference

This parser parses a call of the form "a.b( arg1, arg2, ..., argN )". More...

#include <rtt/scripting/ExpressionParser.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 DataCallParser (ExpressionParser &p, CommonParser &cp, TaskContext *pc, ExecutionEngine *caller)
 ~DataCallParser ()
rule_tparser ()
base::DataSourceBasegetParseResult ()
ConditionInterfacegetParseCmdResult ()
boost::shared_ptr< SendHandleAliasgetParseHandle ()

Detailed Description

This parser parses a call of the form "a.b( arg1, arg2, ..., argN )".

check why lexeme_d[] is used in implementation, thus why datacalls are parsed on the character level instead of on the phrase level. (probably for the dots ?)

Definition at line 66 of file ExpressionParser.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RTT::DataCallParser::DataCallParser ( ExpressionParser p,
CommonParser cp,
TaskContext pc,
ExecutionEngine caller 
RTT::DataCallParser::~DataCallParser ( )

Definition at line 281 of file ExpressionParser.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ConditionInterface* RTT::scripting::DataCallParser::getParseCmdResult ( )
boost::shared_ptr<SendHandleAlias> RTT::scripting::DataCallParser::getParseHandle ( )
base::DataSourceBase* RTT::scripting::DataCallParser::getParseResult ( )
rule_t& RTT::scripting::DataCallParser::parser ( )

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